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My Bikini Butt Review – Does it Really Work or It is Scam?

There are a number of women who wish to flaunt their perfect figure. While it can be said that it is not an easy task to shed those extra pounds that one might have put on after the birth of the baby or for any other reason, there are methods which can help women achieve the impossible.

Talking about weight loss and being in perfect shape, every woman would certainly love to have a butt that would look appealing when wearing a bikini. Well, let us know have a look at the bikini butt review and if it is true to its name and promise made. Will this program really help women to get that bikini butt which many dream off? Read on to know more.

Let us first start by knowing as to how do the My Bikini Butt program works.

My Bikini ButtNot every woman is aware of this that there is a very skinny gene in the body of every woman and this as per this program can be turned on by any woman. When this gets turned on, a particular enzyme gets turned on and this enzyme helps to wake up one’s fat cells and the body starts to use the fat that gets stored. Andréa Albright in her program would teach on how that enzyme can be activated.

One can find a number of mixed my bikini butt reviews, but they are many do say that this skinny gene will not only help in weight loss, but will also improve the health and will keep health problems at bay.

Andréa Albright’s Bikini Butt Program has 3 main elements to focus on.

  • This helps to give a slimmer body with the help of a number of lower body movements.
  • Provides insight on how to eat well and to encourage the much needed weight loss.
  • Who can one always turn to when they need help with weight loss?

The creator of the program also mentions that losing weight is more about diet and just 20% of exercise. So, as most of the people have problems with diet, they can follow the right diet and reduce the weight. One can also check for Andréa Albright review online and one can really find that the program also comes with some bonuses like The Bikini Blaster, Smooth Out Cellulite Intro Video or the much needed 100 Fat Melting Recipes. The creator herself is an inspiration to many who wish to lose weight.

Bikini Body Workout Plan without Equipment

Beach Body Workout Plan Without Equipment

Every woman dreams of having a perfect body. Especially during the summers, not many are comfortable wearing a bikini if they do not have the perfect curves. Getting the perfect curvy bikini body is not a hard task and one can with ease follow some exercises at home. All these can be done with the use of any equipment or hitting the gym.

The results of the bikini body workout plan without equipment can vary from person to person and this also depends on various factors. Everyone would accept the fact that all those equipment and the gadgets that are available in the gym can help one to gain a fit body, but at the same time people also forget that the smartest gadget or gear is right in front of you when you look at the mirror. One can just exercise by using all the muscles in the body and this helps to lose more weight, say the experts.

Bikini Body Workout Plan without Equipment

Let us know have a look at some of the exercises that are ideal for a bikini fitness workout and these can certainly be included in your summer workout plan. These exercises can be done at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes every time.

Let us know have a look at some of the best in the bikini exercise.

The Sit Outs: This is one of the best methods to tone up your lower body. Just sit on all fours and place your wrists under your shoulders and your hips with the knees below them. Tuck your toes. Once done, bring the left foot under the body and towards your right arm. Also extend your left leg and lift the right hand towards the chest. Then return to the first position and repeat on the other side as well.

The Capoeira Lunge: This is one of those exercises which can be done in 3 sets. One needs to stand with the feet at least hip width apart and bend the knees slightly. The spread the right foot as far as you can and then bend the feet into a lunge. Repeat this on the other side too.

There are also several other exercises that can be done at home without the need of any equipment and these will get you back into shape. Following these will also enable to take up any Bikini Body Fitness Challenge too. So, what are you waiting for? It is the time to challenge yourself.

Bikini Body Workout Plan for the Gym

If you want to drop that towel and get the confidence to bare your skin in just two-piece clothing, then you certainly need to follow a perfect body sculpting workout. These exercises can also be combined with the right diet and one with ease shed those extra pounds and get yourself beach ready in just few weeks.

One can start with following the bikini body workout plan for the gym. This is very much ideal for those who are regular visitors of gym.

Bikini Body Workout Plan for the GymSource: Shape

Let us know have a look the best of the gym workout routines for women which are easy and can help you lose good weight.

  • Start with the Cardio Slim Down: One can choose 3 days in a week of 30 minutes each and start with cardio. Be it running or swimming working on the elliptical, women can with ease burn some calories with ease.
  • The Toning Exercises: The toning exercises are the best when it comes to a bikini body workout plan. One can start with the toning exercises in order and the same circuit can be repeated at least once or twice in some cases. One can aim for at least 2-3 shaper sessions every week. A stability ball can also be used as an optional.
  • The Monkey Row: if you wish to tone up the triceps and the biceps, then choose a stability ball or a dumbbell or a bench to perform some exercises. Stand with the feet apart by a shoulder length. Hold the dumbbell with one hand and hinge forward at the hips and take the support of the ball. Bend the right elbow directly to the out to side by curling the weight towards the armpit. Now, keep your right elbow still and extend your arm directly outside at the shoulder level. Now, bend the right elbow so as to bring the dumbbell back and slowly lower the weight towards the floor. This can be done for 10 reps. This is also one of the best exercises for the upper body workout.
  • The Booty Swirl: This is one exercise which can help to tone the hip and the butt. This can also be paired up with some three legged dog exercise.
  • The Breast Stroke: This is one of the best exercises which can one can perform with the use of dumbbells. This helps in the toning of the upper back, the shoulders and the legs.

These are some of the those Bikini Body workouts which are to be performed in the gym under the supervision of a fitness expert.

How To Get Bikini Body Fast

It been said before and it shall continue to be said that the best and the safest way to weight loss, is to prevent a build-up at the outset by maintaining a healthy, well balanced diet and a good exercise regimen. Those who do this benefit exponentially from it, but the lamentable fact remains that most do not have the access of time or opportunity to follow such measures strictly. As such, weight loss diets and highly stressful yet extremely effective exercise regimes which do not need much time are slowly taking precedence in the worldwide battle against weight and its related troubles.

How To Get Bikini Body Fast

If you wish to know about how to get bikini body fast, then you certainly need to exercise as well as follow the right diet. These Metabolic diet and exercise programs help people achieve weight loss fast but they need constant supervision by health and fitness experts. These programs can include either a very strict dietary control plan or a very exhaustive workout program or may also be a combination of both. Given the constraints of time that people are facing these days, it is increasingly essential that they zero in upon and follow properly a weight loss program which is suited to their lifestyles and needs.

How to Get Your Bikini Body in 1 Week

If you want to know on how to get bikini body in a week, then let us tell you that there can be no generalization of the weight loss fast programs because of the fact that they are generally tailored to fit the body types and the constitutions of individuals. They may include an overall cut in fat intake by reducing or eliminating meat, fired foods, sweets, complex sugars, carbohydrates and so on and they may also include a large amount of foods and drinks which help in cleansing and charging the metabolism of the body to an extent. But one can follow some diet and combine the same with exercises. There are a number of diet plans which can answer your question of how to get bikini body in 1 week.

How to Get Bikini Body in 1 Month

If you wish to know on how to get bikini body in 1 month, then you can consult nutrition and follow some regular exercise regime. The various means and methods of exercise can include high stress cardio workouts, alternative workouts such as dancing and kick-boxing, weight lifting, yoga and power yoga and so on. Each of these programs may have a different combination of these workout programs and diet regimens and they come together to provide a healthy and nutritional dietary intake along with the necessary amount of exercise for the maintenance of the weight loss and the promotion of over all good health.

How to Get Bikini Body in 2 Weeks

Given the fact that these fast programs are highly technical and very severe, they are best undertaken under the supervision of health and fitness experts and must not be carried out before prior approval from a medical care provider. One can take tips from online resources like how to get bikini body in 2 weeks and so on but do consult a fitness expert for your own fitness plan. Most of these diet plans and programs can be found online across a variety of internet resources and blogs and they can also be found in fitness books and diet plans in book stores.

As such, it is sufficient to say that those looking for weight loss fast, have to look for the highly intensive and balanced weight loss programs that are fit for their lifestyles and constraints and they have to then follow these programs to the teeth in order to achieve the desired and the projected results.

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Best Bikini Body Diet and Meal Plan to Get Your Body Beach Ready

Achieving a bikini body and maintaining the same is not an easy task. One needs to have a proper balance of diet as well as exercise. If you are one of those who wish to spend some real good time on a beach vacation, then do not worry, you can attain the best within a week’s time by following the Bikini Diet.

One can follow a seven day Bikini Diet Plan which will help you to heighten the positive feeling and eliminate the negative feeling one has. This diet is followed by many as it is filled with a lot of fruits as well as vegetables, and whole grains or lean protein. This also has low fat dairy and also some inclusions of healthy fats and thus this helps to provide the perfect and a healthy dose of carbohydrates to energize your body, protein and fibers to fill you up and lots of water to keep your body properly hydrated.

Bikini Body Eating Plan

To achieve a perfect Bikini Shape one should always make sure that they never skip any meals. One should always have their breakfast, lunch and dinner on time with some mid morning and mid afternoon snacks.  Also one needs to have at least six to seven servings of fruits or vegetables every day and add a little protein with every meal. With all these, do remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to keep your body properly dehydrated.

Breakfast: Breakfast is known to be the first meal of the day and one can include a Berry smoothie every alternate day. Museli or Banana’s or crunchy fruit yoghurt can be added to your breakfast. One can have a scrambled egg for breakfast at least for a day in the week.

Snacks:  Nuts are ideal for snacks and one can have about 5 almonds or 5 brazil nuts. Other snacks that can be included are blueberries (about 2tbsp), about 10 organic strawberries, mixed nuts (almonds and walnut), fresh fruits.

Lunch: One can stick with some healthy salads for lunch like Tuscan broad bean salad or Greek salad (with lots of veggies and greens) Chicken salad or a tortilla wrap or even a smoked salmon.

Dinner: Dinner can be a combi of salads and koftas or patties which are made using lot fat and less oil products.

Get Your Body Beach Ready

Just follow the right diet and you would for sure see the difference in you. There are also many popular diets available online like Jeanette Jenkins Bikini Body Diet Plan and others which will help you lose weight effectively and flaunt that bikini ready body of yours.

Bikini Body Workout Plan At Home

Bikini Body Workout Plan At HomeThere are many women who wish to have a perfect body and flaunt their curves. This especially holds good for women who wear beach wear. If you are fat or even a bit chubby, it certainly gets hard to wear a swimsuit or a bikini.

So, if you are one of those who have managed to get some amazing curves, and showed them off during summer, this is time you can maintain these curves the whole year with the total body and the pudge preventing workouts.

Bikini Body Workout can be done at home. There a number of equipment free workouts that can be done at home or at your gym. These can be done for three or four days in a week and one has to do them without giving any rest in between. This circuit can be repeated twice every day you exercise. The total time that would take for each Bikini Workout can range from 30-40 minutes and you need not use any equipment for these. You can also try some of the Bikini Body Guide where you will get a bikini body in just 60 days. I also write a review on Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide vs Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts which will help you to decide which product is better for your Body.

Let us know have a look at the Exercises in the Bikini Body Workout Plan.

Bikini Body Workout at HomeSource: Shape

  • The Sumo Chop Side Hip Extension: This exercise has to be done with keeping the feet wider than the hip and arms have to be extended overhead. Clasp the hands together and then lower into a deep sumo squat where you need to bend your knees and have to sit back low on the hips and lower the arms towards the floor in the chop motion. Next, stand and raise with the arms overhead and life your left leg out to one side with your foot flexed and keeping the torso upright. This again has to be repeated on the opposite side too.
  • T Lunge Knee: Stand on the right leg first and hug the left knee and getting it towards the chest and by using both hands. Flex the foot. Next, extend your left leg behind the hip while bending the right leg deeply and hinging forward from the hips. Place your arms forward by your ears with your palms facing inside. Then return to the starting position without your left leg touching the floor. Repeat the same on the opposite side.
  • The Push Up Triangle: Start with the plank position and place your feet lightly wider than your hips. Brace your abs in tight. Then lower to a push up and maintain a straight line from your head to heel. Next, straighten your arms and step the right foot towards the left under the left leg. This has to be done by pressing the edge of the right foot into the floor. Extend the left arm over your shoulder facing the ceiling. Reverse the motion to come back to the starting position and repeat the same on the opposite side.

Follow these Bikini workouts at your home for at least 30 minutes for 3-4 days a week and remain in beautiful shape.